IstanBlue #45
IstanBlue #45 IstanBlue #45 IstanBlue #45 IstanBlue #45
  • Made with detachable baroque pearls, an extra set of gold plated brass knot studs, and a gold filled necklace chain - this set gives you so many options!
  • Gold plated brass ear posts studded with cubic zirconia
  • Blue opal with gold plated brass spacers
  • Gold filled chains, lapis lazuli wired with gold filled wiring and gold filled head pins
  • White baroque pearls on gold plated brass detachable bails studded with cubic zirconia
  • Gold plated brass knot studs provided.
  • Gold filled chain necklace provided.
  • Lengths:
    • Blue opal with pearl: 7.5cm
    • Blue opal drizzle: 7.5cm
    • Pearl with stud: 4.7cm
    • Pearl as pendant: 3.4cm