JE #Forty-Seven (Detachable)
JE #Forty-Seven (Detachable) JE #Forty-Seven (Detachable) JE #Forty-Seven (Detachable)
  • There is only one pair of this!  I tried very hard to get more pairs in this shape and size but these were the only 2 that paired up.  Absolutely no repeats possible. So grab this fast!
  • Comes with an 18 inch gold filled chain.
  • Gold plated brass bails studded with cubic zirconia, gold plated brass clamps, labradorite rondelles wired with gold-filled headpins, type A Burmese jadeite drops.
  • Measurements:
    • Full length: 6.7cm
    • As a pendant: 5.5cm
    • Studs: 1.5cm