Lena Lena Lena Lena Lena
  • Matt rose gold plated sterling silver ear posts
  • Grandeur: I decided that these peach baroque pearls are so gorgeous, they need to be showcased in both a grand AND simple manner.  Hence, I made the peach baroque pearls detachable. You get two pairs of earrings for this selection.  First pair - grey moonstone teardrops and peach moonstone briolettes, rutilated quartz and milky quartz teardrops, faceted moonstone rondelles and pearls.  Baroque pearls can easily be removed from a jump ring that was carefully designed to be fitted in the center of the cascading briolettes and chains to hide the clasp attached to the pearls; Second pair - rose gold filled sprkle French ear wires with rutilated quartz teardrops.  The pearls can be easily attached behind the rutilated quartz (the rutilated quartz then hides the clasp).  Rose gold filled wire, headpins and chain used for both.
  • Demure: Small peachy baroque pearls, labradorite briolette and moonstone rondelles. Rose gold filled wire. 
  • Grandeur Length (gem drizzles pair): 7.87c m (without baroque pearl); 8.27 cm (with baroque pearls)  
  • Grandeur Length (simple French hooks pair, with baroque pearl) 5 cm
  • Demure Length: 5.34 cm
  • Grandeur weight (one side): 14.37g / 71.85 carats (gem drizzles with baroque pearl); 6.48g / 32.4 carats (gem drizzles without baroque pearl) 
  • Grandeur weight (one side): 8 g / 40 carats (simple French hooks pair, with baroque pearls) 
  • Demure weight (one side): 6.37 g / 31.85 carats