How long does your bespoke process take?

The designing process will largely depend on how quick the design sketches we propose speaks to you. This could take between a couple of weeks to even a month. For just the fabrication, it's usually 6-8 weeks.

How much is it to customise something with you?

This will vary a lot depending on your final design. Feel free to drop us a message via 'Contact Us' or you could also book an appointment for us to discuss your design in person and we would be able to give a rough quote.

What's your bespoke process like?

Usually we will begin with you picking out a loose gem from our inventory and discuss designs that you fancy. If your design does not require a focal stone from our inventory (such as huggies or eternity bands), we will take a non-refundable $500 deposit which could be used to offset the final cost. After which we will either provide sketches first or gem mock-ups depending if your piece is design-centric or gem-centric (e.g. messy bands usually begin with gem mock-ups). When the final design and gem placements have been confirmed, we will proceed to give you a rough quote and submit to our craftsmen for fabrication. You will only need to make the final payment after your piece has been fabricated.

Can I provide my own gem?

Yes you can! We also love to refresh and breathe new life into old jewellery pieces. However do note that there is always a risk for gems to chip off or break during dismantling and should that happen we will not be held responsible for it. We will also take a non-refundable $500 deposit before we begin the design process. This deposit can be used to offset the final cost.

The handmade piece that I've bought from you tarnished! What should I do?

Do not worry as it is quite common for handmade pieces to tarnish. Please refer to our 'Jewellery Care' section in our website footer for guidance.


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